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Ghana’s E-Waste Dilemma

Have you ever thought about what happens to your old iPhone when you upgrade to a new one, or maybe even your first flip-phone from 2011? This is the question that Professor Adam Simon began SJC’s second ever Science Sprint with. Professor Simon instructs at the University of Michigan and is very passionate about e-waste.…

What is E-Waste Recycling?

Have an old iPhone? Do you parents still keep their old laptops around? In this virtual session STEM Journal Club learned all about electronic waste (e-waste) and e-waste recycling in this first ever Science Sprint. So what is e-waste? According to Technology vs. Trash Cans: Cycle of E-Waste In North Carolina, e-waste is a term…

The campus wide search for the bacterial King Midas

Written by Neha Suresh, SJC Blog Editor Picture-Courtesy NC State University Libraries- Delftia acidovorans King Midas in Greek mythology was known for his ability to turn everything he touched into solid gold. His bacterial counterpart Delftia acidovorans is known for its ability to biomineralize gold and its unique bioremediation characteristics. Biomineralization is the formation and…

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